Accessibilty Guide


  • Sea Proche has some limitations for mobility impaired visitors due to some period features and the split level ground floor.

  • Internal steps may represent a hazard for visually impaired visitors.

  • Restricted width external paths may be too narrow for many wheel chairs or walking aids.


  • There is limited onstreet parking outside Sea Proche, but a double yellow area right outside allows sufficient space for unloading.

  • The nearest carpark is Station Avenue Carpark, about 400m up the road opposite the house.

  • The gateway to the front of Sea Proche is 81 cm wide.

  • The front door to Sea Proche has a small lip and opens fully, it is 79cm wide.

Getting around inside

  • The internal doorways are of varying widths, with the narrowest, to the Kitchen being 76cm wide.

  • The hallway is 123cm wide

  • There are two steps between the hallway and the kitchen.

  • There is one step between the kitchen and the scullery.

  • Steps are a different colour to the flooring, but not contrasting.

  • The bannister is on the left hand side of the staircase.

  • On the first floor, there are two additional stairs between the first landing, where the toilet is located, and the main landing where the bathroom, King and Double bedrooms are located

Getting out and about

  • Bus stops with buses to most of the island are at either end of Albert Road, about 300m in either direction. The roadway is level.

  • Access to the seafront is via Esplanade Road (200m from Sea Proche) which is on a very short (>10m), but relatively steep incline.

  • Access to the beach is directly at the end of Esplanade road via a gentle ramp.

  • Distance to local shops is approximately 25m (Local Convenience) , 600m (Coop) and 800m (Sainsbury's). Access is level to Coop, with a slight incline towards Sainsbury's

Travel to Sea Proche

  • As well as by car, you can get to Sea Proche by bus and by train from the Mainland - however this year the train service on the Island has been suspended as they upgrade the trains...please check before you travel as there are replacement bus services.

  • Taxi firms service the ferry terminals at Cowes and Ryde.


  • All bedrooms at Sea Proche are upstairs.

  • There is no downstairs toilet or shower room at Sea Proche.

  • The Studio contains a toilet - access only on request in Summer 2021.

  • There is a sofa bed in the living room.

  • The electrical circuit box is at ceiling height in the hall and not accesible without a step ladder.

Getting around outside

  • There is level access to the front of the house

  • There are two steps between the backdoor and the Terrace.

  • The backdoor is 75cm wide

  • There is level access to the front of the house from the Terrace however, there is a narrow space between the wall of the house and the dividing wall of 68cm